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Collars, Harnesses & Leashes

Dog harnesses are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to collars, especially for dogs with certain health conditions or those prone to neck injuries.

Dog Harness

Collars, Harnesses & Leashes

Leashes are used to keep dogs under control and safe during outdoor activities. As a result, they come in various lengths, materials, and styles, such as standard leashes, retractable leashes, and hands-free leashes.

Collars, Harnesses & Leashes

We manufacture dog collars typically in nylon, leather, or other durable materials. And Pet owners wear the collars on the neck of pets and want to have the functions of identification, control, training, and fashion.

Bowls & Feeders

The appropriate licking mat highly recommends itself as a type of pet product designed to provide mental stimulation and entertainment for dogs and cats while also offering a tasty treat

Bowls & Feeders

These are traditional bowls with various raised obstacles or patterns inside, which force the pet to work around the barriers to access their food.

Bowls & Feeders

Snuffle mats are mats with long fabric strands that hide the food within them. The pet has to use its sense of smell to find and extract the food.

Grates, Gates & Containment

When choosing a containment method for your pet, consider their size, breed, behavior, and individual needs. Always ensure that the chosen containment system is safe, comfortable, and suitable for your pet’s well-being.

Grates, Gates & Containment

Using a cat carry bag is crucial for the safety of the cat during travel or when visiting the vet. Cats can become stressed or anxious in new environments, and a carrier provides a familiar and secure space for them.

Folding Dog Grate

Dog crates are structures used to safely contain dogs in various situations, providing them with a secure and comfortable space. The foldable design allows for easy storage and transport when the crate is not in use.


These beds are made from soft and cushioned materials to provide a warm and inviting spot for your furry friend to relax and sleep.

Soft dog beds come in various shapes, sizes, and styles to suit different dog breeds and individual preferences

Dog Bed

Cooling Bed

A cooling elevated dog bed with a metal frame is a specialized pet bed designed to provide comfort and relief during hot weather.

This type of dog bed typically features an elevated design with a metal frame and incorporates cooling materials or technology to help regulate the dog’s body temperature.

Toys & accessories

Plush toys, also known as soft toys or stuffed animals. We produce plush toys in soft materials like fabric and often use a soft, plush filling. And our plush toys provide mental stimulation, chewing and teething, and reduce destructive behavior.

dog puzzle toys

Puzzle Toys

Pet puzzle toys, also known as interactive or brain-stimulating toys, are designed to engage pets mentally and provide them with a challenging and rewarding play experience.

The primary goal of pet puzzle toys is to keep pets mentally stimulated, prevent boredom, and encourage problem-solving behaviors

Dog Ramp

Car Ramp for Dogs

A car ramp for dogs is a portable ramp designed to help dogs get in and out of vehicles more easily, especially for those that may have mobility issues or difficulty jumping in and out of cars.

Pet Treat Pouch

Some of our treat pouches come with additional features like a poop bag dispenser or a built-in clicker holder. Contact us to choose a treat pouch that suits your needs and preferences, and ensure it’s easy to clean and maintain for long-lasting use.

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Do IPets products comply with the relevant safety regulations and standards for the European Union and the United States?

The IPets manufactured products are subject to various safety regulations and standards to ensure the well-being of pets and protect consumers in the EU and USA.

What quality control measures do IPets have in place during the manufacturing process to ensure the products meet standards?

Raw Material Inspection/In-Process Inspections/Final Testing and Certification/Traceability and Documentation/Compliance with Regulations

Can you accommodate specific packaging requirements or branding needs?

IPets can offer custom packaging solutions to accommodate specific sizes, shapes, or branding requirements requested by buyers

What are IPets’ typical lead times from order placement to product delivery?

Our lead time is 30-45 days, even though the lead times in manufacturing can vary widely depending on the type of pet product, and its complexity.